Preliminary results

Preliminary results

Comments by Dr. Daniel Masayoshi Ardila, Curator of the temporary exhibit “Iroha, dialogs in Art Japón-Mexico, celebratind 120 years of the Enomoto migration”.

What is a Nikkei? (4K)

What is a Nikkei? (Medium)

What is a Nikkei? (Small)


Nikkei in Veracruz

Who we are as Mexicans from a Japanese perspective

Nikkei in Veracruz (4K)

Nikkei in Veracruz (Medium)

Nikkei in Veracruz (Small)



                   Japanese immigration to Mexico

                         Who we are to the world

                          Immigration to Mexico

Japanese in the Papaloapan Basin

The importance of history for Mexican-Japanese

Keynote presented in October 10, 2018.  Colloquium «¿Para qué la historia?, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, UNAM, Ciudad de México.

4K (English subtitles)

Medium (English subtitles)

Small (English subtitles)